I Need Better Advice!

By: Leon Shivamber



In life, you need many more things besides talent. Things like good advice and common sense.

Hack Wilson
Who Will Give Me The Best Advice?
Who Will Give Me The Best Advice?

I come to my advisors, with flaws and all, seeking advice.

My first advisor points out to me, all my flaw that can be seen. I have learned nothing new.

The second advisor points out that some of my flaws are ugly. I have not learned anything really new, but am now self-conscious.

The third advisor points out my visible and hidden flaws. At least I have learned something new, but have not gotten closer to advice or value.

A fourth advisor points out that some of my flaws are deadly. Again I have learned something new, but am now scared out of my wits.

The fifth advisor points out visible and invisible flaws, identifies those that make me look worse, and those that are deadly and leads me down a path of surgical removal and repair. Now that is great advice.

Why is it that in business or personal affairs, when we bring someone a proposal or come looking for advice we get one of the first four advisors? Why is it so rare for our advisors to not only diagnose, but recommend a corrective path? That is what a great advisor does.

To be really helpful when giving advice, contribute a solution, don’t just point out what’s wrong!

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1 thought on “I Need Better Advice!”

  1. Leon,–well said and I have a couple of reactions: 1) sometimes people can identify the problem, but don’t have a clue as to the remedy. These “advisors” may not be withholding,–they may genuinely not know what might eliminate or mitigate the wart, and (2) other times people are not sure how we will react to being told about our warts, so they slip it into a conversation and quickly change the subject for fear of insulting us. I think it’s incumbent upon us to make it clear that we welcome advice that would help with the “surgical removal and repair.”


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