The French Are Rude?

French are rude? Beautiful Eiffel Tower

Everyone tells you the French are rude. You should just be prepared to handle their attitude if you want to enjoy beautiful France. They are right about France being beautiful, but wrong about the rest.

Living A Full Life

In the crowd - missing a full life

Am I living a full life? Are you living a full life? Sometimes in the thick of everyday stuff its easy to lose sight of what it means to live a full life.

Are you ready to stop smoking cigarettes?

Does she really want to stop smoking?

It’s not so easy to stop smoking cigarettes. I watch my team mates commit suicide everyday, as they stand outside our office smoking cigarettes.

Let’s create a better future!

A Better Future being celebrated at a Music Festival

Can we create a better future? Maybe 2013 was a good year for you, or you just could not wait for it to be over.