Improving Procurement – Part 2

Improving procurement can feel like falling off the face of the earth

Interested in improving procurement? Many procurement organizations fail to achieve their potential by making one or more of five common missteps

When Smart Can Be Really Dumb!

Not so smart Bing Search

Over the years websites have become really smart. With the use of cookies (the little trackers websites leave behind on your computer), they can track where you came from, how often you have visited, what topics you lingered on and a mind bending number of other facts.

Enlightened Service – Keeping A Customer For Life!

Enlightened service leads to more profits

Service as a discipline appears to be under siege. Airlines charging for a checked bag, and considering charges for carry-ons or using the toilet on board, are all signs of this trend. The race is on to penny-pinch the most valuable asset of any business, it’s customers.

Time To Think About Supply Chain Shortages?

Spinning Roulette That shows the risk of supply chain shortage

Despite their pivotal role in the high technology supply chain, electronic components are essentially a cyclical industry akin to older markets like steel and housing.

What Happened To Customer Service?

Customer Service Frustrated Girl

Customer service more than ever before has the potential to create (or lose) enormous value to companies and their customers.