What Were They Thinking?

By: Leon Shivamber



We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.

Albert Einstein
Cigarette in hand outside car window
Cigarette in hand outside car window

As I pulled up behind another car stopped at the traffic light, I could see the man had a child in the front seat next to him.

He took a long slow pull on his cigarette, and slowly reached out the window of the car and let the still smoking remains of that used cigarette fall to the ground.

It was still there on the ground as he drove away. He thought nothing of his littering, his contribution to ugliness.

What was he thinking?

Cigarette butt left behind on road
Cigarette butt left behind on road

Several people in my building are smokers. They frequently congregate at a designated point outside the building to chat and to smoke together. It has become such a ritual that they sometimes have chairs and their coffee brought out to them. It’s an open area sheltered from the direct sunlight and the street, with a few nice potted flower plants.

A few weeks ago, I was surprised to find several cigarette butts littering the soil next to the roots of a potted flower plant. Cigarette butts lying next to delicate flower plants is pretty bad, but this was not the shocker. The shocker was that the potted flower plant was right next to an aluminum can placed there so that cigarette butts and other assorted garbage could be disposed of properly.

Cigarette Love? Causes littering
Cigarette Love?
Is cigarette love greater than love for the environment? Please Click To Tweet

What were they thinking?

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10 thoughts on “What Were They Thinking?”

  1. very good article.smoking is the main reason of cancer or other dangerous diseases.stop smoking for good health..very thanx for this useful information sharing.

  2. I too live among smokers and doesn’t matter how many warnings about the danger of nicotine they have seen, they just don’t stop. If they were teenagers, I would understand, because you know, the way the ads are displayed make it look as if smoking was cool. But these people are fully grown-ups who should be more logical. I can’t believe there are people in this world who deliberately destroy themselves slowly like that.

  3. This is really good published article..cigarette is the main reason of the lungs and the mouth cancer in todays life.these should be avoided for good health and better life…nice article…thanx for sharing this informative blog..

  4. Cigarettes are not dangerous to human health but also to our environment. A cigarette filter contain cellulose-acetate that is non-biodegradable and one cigarette butt that was thrown in street can eventually go to the ocean by washing that in drainage. Enough to toxic fishes in our ocean. So it truly poison to our environment.

  5. This is really good published article. Such a great yet interesting post. Thank you very much for sharing this nice stuff.

  6. On special occasions I will smoke a celebratory cigar with friends. It is always outside where the smoke will not disturb anyone and I always make sure to throw the “spent” cigar in the trash (once the ash has been doused). It drives me crazy to see someone through a cigarette butt out the window of their car. It’s either a case of gross ignorance or a total disregard for others who have to live with their discarded trash.

  7. Not so surprising that people could be just as ugly as the cigarettes they smoke. It would take thought to dispose of one in the garbage where it belongs, but it would also take thought to never put one in your mouth knowing it will damage your health. Go figure! And as far as a cigarette with a heart as a filter: maybe the hidden secret to that is the way that heart will look after puffing on the filter for a few minutes. It will turn blackish brown, just like the lungs and heart of the person smoking it.


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