New Age Job Survival – How To Stay Employable

By: Leon Shivamber



Cram Time. Studying for Job Survival
Cram Time. Studying for Job Survival

Daniel H. Pink has written a terrific book called “A Whole New Mind – Why Right-Brainers Will Rule The Future”. I recommend it to anyone who is concerned about job survival in this new age.

Daniel postulates that the world has evolved through three distinct ages over the last 150 years – The Agricultural Age, The Industrial Age, and The Information Age. More importantly, he speculates we are entering what he calls The Conceptual Age. One which favors “Right Brainers” (creators and empathizers) over the traditional “Left Brain Skills” (analysts).

The Conceptual Age favors "Right Brainers" (creators and empathizers) over the traditional "Left Brain Skills" (analysts). Please Click To Tweet

We have arrived at the new Conceptual Age, due to three major forces which have essentially changed the rules of competition. These forces are Game changers on a global scale, which Daniel describes as Abundance (excess of available choices), Asia (dramatically lower cost), and Automation (machine driven productivity). For job survival in this new age, Daniel argues, you must ask yourself three questions:

  1. Are you doing something that cannot be done cheaper by someone overseas?
  2. Are you doing something that cannot be done faster by a computer?
  3. Are you offering something that is in demand (differentiating) in an age of abundance?

If you answer yes to these three questions, then you are safe (for some time). Answer No, and you are in deep trouble.

Climbing steps for Job Survival
Climbing steps for Job Survival

I have argued on this blog (“Lifetime Employment – Apply Here”) that only employees and companies capable of changing faster than customer choices are changing will survive. The fact is, low cost labor (Asia), and massive productivity improvements (Automation) have created far more choices (Abundance). And, the information age has enlightened consumers as to the availability of these abundant choices. The result is a trend in which job survival demands more differentiation. Products have to stand out, they must have soul (“Are you obsessed about Quality? Do your products have soul?”). And, just like a product, which you are, new skills are required for you to stand out.

Read the book to find out which skills Daniel Pink believes will be more important for job survival in the future!

“A Whole New Mind: Why Right-Brainers Will Rule the Future” (Daniel H. Pink)

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11 thoughts on “New Age Job Survival – How To Stay Employable”

  1. Yeah of a truth we are gradually leaving the information age, and the earlier people realize that the better. Some folks have already caved out a niche for themselves, and I bet that era is going to be fun. Meet me there.

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  3. Well I totally agree with your post. Being employable is really a herculean task now a day as competition is hard. Thank you so much for this awesome post and your work is appreciable. Keep posting and keep growing.

  4. I agree with your analysis on staying employable.This is very helpful for all those who are looking for a job.I learned lot of tips from your article.You have imparted very useful information.

  5. Many people engage in wishful thinking about why their job won’t be cut or why they’re important until its too late. Good article on why you should constantly be striving to make yourself more valuable rather than being complacent.

  6. Nice and a very thoughtful post. I truly agree with your points mentioned in the above article. The process of job survival has changed to a new level in this new age. I am really interested to read this book . I hope it will be very beneficial in terms jobs survival.

    Thank you for sharing.

  7. I am agree with your approach of survival in job with all the changing happening globally we have to adopt to the customer needs before customer finds out himself. I believe its a fact that only those companies survive who tends to adopt latest techniques and technology in their field before their customer adopt.

  8. i was just talking with a guy from the uk who mentioned the same very things in this post. so many internationals have gone into uk and taken all the jobs because they are more highly skilled. now they have a lot of restrictions on entry into the uk. its very hard for people in the uk looking for jobs. i talk about this in my 9-5 conspiracy video.

  9. Its very tough to get employed in this conceptual age and there is going to be biggest competition in the job market. Thanks Leon for sharing this excellent article.


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