Which Version Of Myself?

Multiple Personalities of myself by Paul Ripke

David in his classical style belts out the line: “I am just an advertisement for a version of myself”!

I Need Better Advice!

Who Will Give Me The Best Advice?

Why is it that in business or personal affairs, when we bring someone a proposal or come looking for advice we get one of the first four advisors?

Down With Doom

A really really bad day spelling doom?

Bad news sells, and the media thrives on bizarre stories of gloom and doom.

Happy New Year!

Sun over the Happy New Year horizon

Happy New Year! Three words oft repeated during the holiday season.

Time To Think About Supply Chain Shortages?

Spinning Roulette That shows the risk of supply chain shortage

Despite their pivotal role in the high technology supply chain, electronic components are essentially a cyclical industry akin to older markets like steel and housing.

Reverse Auction & Supplier Relationships

Fencing Match depicting battle between supplier and customer

Reverse auctions are almost ubiquitous and are being used daily to drive supplier prices down in a variety of categories of products and services.